Sustainable cleaning products

Sustainable cleaning products

Sustainable cleaning products are more necessary today than ever. It must be taken into account that the protection of the environment and current health problems require surface hygiene solutions that are friendly to the ecosystem, non-polluting, and that also do not contribute to the climate crisis. HeiQ Synbio is positioned as the definitive solution that we were all looking for.

This is the case with probiotic cleansers. It is a natural cleaner perfected with scientific methods, which performs a much deeper and longer-lasting cleaning of surfaces. But what exactly is a probiotic-based cleanse?

Sustainable cleaning products based on probiotics

Well, probiotics are good, beneficial bacteria (such as those contained in yogurt, to give a well-known example). They are increasingly used as a healthy alternative to the industrial chemical compounds that are so common, omnipresent and predominant in the world of cleaning products. These beneficial bacteria constantly release enzymes that break down dirt.

When the maximum limit of microorganisms on a surface is reached, so to speak, they reduce their activity , and therefore most bacteria die due to old age and inactivity itself. Without the need to use biocides to try to kill all the microorganisms, a healthy microflora is achieved. Also achieving a reduction in activity, and an absolute predominance of good bacteria.

Of all these innovative probiotic surface hygiene solutions – which have been on the market for a number of years now – undoubtedly the most advanced variety are symbiotic cleaners such as HeiQ Synbio .

Ecological cleaning with probiotics: advantages and benefits

The use of sustainable cleaning products of these characteristics instead of the usual biocidal chemical compound, entails a wide variety of advantages , among which are the following:

  • Harmful germs are unable to develop resistance to probiotics.
  • Cleaning with probiotics is absolutely safe , and has been scientifically tested internationally.
  • It does not need more work than traditional cleaning. It is enough to use the product two or three times a week, in order to obtain optimal results.
  • Malodors are commonly produced by harmful and undesirable microorganisms, while probiotics are odourless , and their predominance therefore eliminates the malodour. Also, it lacks the strong, offensive scents of biocidal chemicals with bleach, ammonia, etc.
  • These natural agents not only do not harm the environment , but also contribute to its improvement, and not in vain are they used in wastewater treatment.

Within ecological cleaning with probiotics, without a doubt the most advanced solution is, as we have already mentioned, symbiotic cleaning . This is characterized by including not only probiotics, but also prebiotics. The latter are plant fibers that fertilize surfaces, thereby contributing to the proliferation of good bacteria.

The use of sustainable cleaning products by means of probiotics is not only highly effective and efficient . It is also the best solution for the environment, the friendliest and most sustainable.

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HeiQ Synbio

HeiQ Synbio es nuestra nueva línea de productos de limpieza profesional sostenible y sin biocidas con tecnología patentada “Synbio” basada en probióticos y prebióticos.  

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